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I must say… it is difficult for me to make a Where To Eat video in England. Most places I eat, even the local corner restaurants, have nice settings, great customer service and food that was unique to me so it didn’t seem like my WTE posts would be reporting anything you couldn’t find in whatever area of England you find yourself in.

However, one restaurant stood out for me during my visit to London, so I thought I’d give you a tour of the place.

It’s a restaurant in Mayfair, London called Sketch and it is gorgeous. The restaurant is made up of several rooms that have their own unique design and function.

Sketch is made up of 5 different rooms, The Parlour, The Glade, The Gallery, The Library and the East side bar.

You can sit at the Parlour and the Glade without reservations but you have to pre book a seat at the other rooms online… so my companion and I sat at the Parlour, as we didn’t have reservations.

sketch palor
The Parlour – Sketch London

The parlour was lovely and cozy, nothing special as far as London spaces go. I can’t remember what I ate or drank because I didn’t think I was going to do a post about it but I remember thinking their menu was affordable.

It was as we were about to leave, and I had to pee, that I saw the Glade and the Gallery on my way to the toilet. I remember falling in love with the design of the Glade, it seemed like something pulled out of the Alice in Wonderland story (it was a bit different than the picture below but I didn’t take pictures so i curled this one from the internet)

Sketch - London
The Glade – Sketch London

The gallery was a cute pink room filled with pencil sketches of things probably only oyibo people understand!

sketch gallery
The Gallery – Sketch London

And then I got to the toilet… and I was convinced that whoever designed this restaurant was either a mad person or a mad genius… lol. I walked in there and felt like I was entering an alien birthing ground in a SciFi movie.  I wonder what the designer had in mind.

sketch toilet
the Toilet – Sketch London

sketch toilet

sketch toilet2

Anyway I thought it was worth mentioning because of the design…. i didn’t get to see the other 2 rooms but they are on the sketch website here… if you are ever in London, do check it out and let me know what you think.



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I dined in the Gallery and it was a lovely experience. I look trying out new places. You should try Beach Blanket Babylon when next you’re in London


just googled it. I will definitely check it out

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