Hey Shining Stars…

Today i am taking you to Enugu… the town i spent most of my childhood life in. Enugu is a small town in Eastern Nigeria – so when ever i call myself a small town girl you know why – and it is one of the nicest towns the Igbos have.

So I was back home a few weeks back and decided to check out the fancy Octopus Chinese restaurant located in Independence layout, near the popular Nza street.

Octopus Enugu, wearing a trouser that i made (big grin)

From the exterior it looks simple, painted in red with yellow Chinese lettering (that i guess means Octopus), but the interior is lovely and the decor is really good. Its an easy and cozy environment to come and eat.

Can we talk about the horse inside the room…


Octopus Interior




For food I ordered Chicken Sauce on a hop plate and fried rice and Samosa. The meal took about 20 minutes to arrive… the samosa came first then the drinks… and it turns out that my one serving of  food was soo big i had to beg my friend to eat with me.


Chicken sauce in hot plate arriving


Chicken Sauce in hot plate arriving
Chicken Sauce in hot plate
chicken sauce, fried rice, and samosa


chicken sauce, fried rice, and samosa


The food tasted great, unfortunately the menu is so large that i couldn’t take a picture but the entire meal amounted to a little below N8000 which is pricey… but still fair.

This is definitely somewhere I hope you dine at if you are ever in Enugu. It is a nice and quiet place to get great meals,  the staff where nice, neatly dressed and courteous and i would definitley go back again.

If you ever go… Let me know.

Take care my dears


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