Hey Shinning Stars,

So I know I am late to this but I finally had gizdodo (IKR! where have I been?) I decided to try it at Yabans Restaurant – at 6A Bangui St (opposite yogi berri), Wuse 2, Abuja – and I must say it was delicious. In fact the first time i heard about gizdodo was when a friend was talking about Yabans gizdodo and zobo which is why i went there.

The interior in Yabans is cute and pink and there is a sit-out at the front of the restaurant that allows you receive fresh air while you eat

yabans Interior
                                                                                    yabans Interior

it was a bit quiet when i got there… but i went on a Tuesday afternoon so i guess thats to be expected.

I got there and immediately ordered for jellof rice, gizdodo and zobo… but their zobo had finished so i ordered for the Yabans blue mocktail instead.

The drinks arrived first (took about 10 minutes). My Yabans Blue was good but my companion didnt really like the taste of his Long island. Luckily the server came back to make sure our drinks were ok and we mentioned the long island and it was fixed right away.

Yabans Drinks
                                                                                Feeling like a mixer

The food took about 45 minutes (too long) but its freshly made so i guess thats why. When the food arrived it was huge… soo huge that I had to share it and still had some left to take home.

The Gizdodo did not disappoint… it was all types of juicy finger licking spicy that it made the jellof rice feel bland.

Yabans gizdodo
                                                                                   Yabans gizdodo and rice

The entire meal, including the drinks, cost about N5500 which i think is affordable for an outing meal (esp in this buhari economy times that everyone is increasing their prices).

I would definitely go back to eat here. The food was great, ambiance nice and the staff were courteous and nice (esp the guy with his hands up in the picture below)

                                                                                       Yabans staff

have you been to Yabans and had a good or bad experience? Let me know in the comment section okay?

Take care and have a great weekend

lots of love


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Would love yo visit there. Thanks for sharing .. Do check out my lifestyle blog. http://www.diaryofanabujamom.com


thanks hun… ok i will do

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