So… One day i was busy minding my own business and stalking people on Instagram when i came across this picture that made me fall in love! (read full story after the cut)
It was a picture of Noble Igwe (of 360nobs) in a simple but very significant tee shirt… The ISI-AGU print tee shirt!! IsiAgu_Noble_Igwe_ChiomaJenni
The Isi-Agu (Lion head) swede fabric is a traditional attire worn by chiefs and rulers of the Igbo tribe in Nigeria – which is where i come from – so you can understand why i was excited to see it in regular fashion style. Finally something for us Kings to wear!
I obsessed about it for the following few days and I eventually set out to get mine
 I searched online and found the tee shirt at giddimint website (here) for N6500 isi_agu
but i decided that i wanted a dressier piece in that print and had to decide between buying the Tee and altering it or buying the fabric and making a dress with it. I decided to make a dress. I bought the suede fabric (the actual ones for chiefs!! yikes) from Garki Market for N1500/yard (bought 2 yards, should have bought three because it doesn’t stretch and i ended up mising fabric) and i spent two days fighting to make this dress happen!!
Then I traveled to lagos with the dress and a the lovely Komi Akoso took pictures of me in it
I was a bit worried that they would hold village meeting for me for using such a traditionally significant fabric to make a dress but luckily i stumbled on the Fashion Engineers blog (here) where she also used the fabric to make a dress or i think she wore an actual one as a dress… either way i have found a partner in crime!! lol
I AM so looking forward to seeing this print explode and become used in different fabric types (I can totally picture myself standing on top of a mountain in a flowy chiffon isi-agu dress, posing as a roaring lion … or, realistically, at a function) and i feel it will help promote the igbo culture…I hope our igbo elders wont mind though.
Would you rock this look?
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