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So this my waka waka did not just start today… while studying in Huddersfield England, i made it a duty to explore as many places in the North (and across Europe) as i could. I will share as many of those adventures as i can find (as i have had several phone crashes and misplaced memory cards and may not have enough pictures to show)

Today i want to tell you of my trip to Whitby… one of the oldest towns in England. It is said that settlement there is dated as far back as the Bronze age. This is probably because Whitby is located on the sea side of North Sea about 50 miles northeast of York, England, and early humans settled by the sea side a lot.

Whitby Sea side
                                                                                                 Whitby Sea side



The town is now a fishing port and a vacation resort and the main meal served  there is… duh… fish… lol

While exploring there i witnessed my first Goth wedding… it was strange but fun for my curious mind to see that type of alternative lifestyle

                                                                  picture of goths in whitby (not taken by me… i forgot to take pictures of them)

Whitby seems to attract a lot of Goths  and I didnt realize why till we were told that Whitby inspired some parts of the famous book “Dracula”… and Goths like Dracula.  There is even a Bram Stoker seat (as part of tourist attraction) that pays homage to the spot that inspired the book.

whitby dracula
Whitby inspired some parts of the famous Novel Dracula

They also have a bunch of other Dracula inspired tourist attraction that i did not get to see… because… #teamJesus… and no time as it was a day trip.

Another tourist attraction that left me in awe is the ruins of the Whitby Abbey. Whitby Abbey used to be a magnificent Abbey said to be built in 657 (what?! there’s a date like 657? how are the ruins even still standing)

Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey
Whitby Abbey

I remember walking in there wondering what the point of life is if we will all end up in dead or in ruins anyway (though  I now understand that, because we will all die in the end, we must live our best lives now)

There is also a grave yard beside the Abbey… it is said to have been the spot for mass burials when a plague hit the city centuries ago. At first i was afraid to go into the grave yard … because… too much Nollywood… but after my Australian friend, Sam (who said her mother and her loved looking at graveyards) persuaded me and I went in ( i was praying in my heart of course).


whitby abbey
Whitby abbey grave side
Sam and I

The entire piece of land, even the walk way, has buried bodies in them and most tomb stones had like 10 names on them… its sad but it makes you realize you have to do your best to live every moment of your life fully because death will not skip you.

Generally, the town has an aged feel to it and a lot of the walls and monuments there have been in existence for many many many years


Red roof landscape of Whitby


Walls built in 657 are aging gracefully
Whitby is also known to have dwarf horses

It was a great trip that inspired me to appreciate life and my youth because of how old it is… If you ever find yourself in Northen England. Visit it

Stay shiny


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