Do you know anyone that would travel three hours into a remote area just to have lunch in an architectural monument? No? Well I do…

As you may know, I love to travel and being chief Mrs Bloom Where You Are Planted I have taken it upon myself to visit as many tourist sites in Nigeria as I can. So, last year I took a road trip from Abuja to Kajuru castle in Kaduna with my sister and my friend.

We went on a tour of castle, took losts of pictures and then had lunch (i made my famous red meat bomb wraps).

It was a great get away and you should totally visit here as soon as you can

check out the video i made of the entire trip

Here are a few things to note about the Castle
The castle was built from rocks by a German who lived in the area in the 1980’s
It was and still is a private residence
The castle is not a resort and as such does not provide any resort-like services (if you are going prepare to go with your own party)
You would need to rent the castle (book the castle ahead of time) for an hour, or a few hours, or a day, or the weekend if you want to visit. Here is a link to the Kajuru Castle page on trip advisor where the number to call and find out more info is
Kajuru Castle is located in the outskirts of Kaduna, approx 3 and half hours drive from Abuja (we were driving pretty fast though so it might take you longer).
Dont go alone… the solitude in the place might kill you… lol. it’s high up a hill (mosquitoes cant even get up there), it is so high and quiet that the crickets sound so loud! the more people you go on the trip with the more getaway fun you are likely to have
Go with a bathing suit… they have a great pool
Kaduna was not under attack by Boko Haram as at the time i went so it was a pretty safe trip to embark on. However, research on the security status of the state before going.
i would update this as i remember more things about the place but thanks for reading and hope you find time to visit somewhere nice soon
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I love your blog. I love your style, simplicity yet richness. Keep up the great job. XoXo


yey!!! Thanks a lot


This place is amazing! I think I should go to thos castle some time this year! Also, I love how you visit great places. We should be friends lol.


thanks dear… if you like adventures then we def should be friends

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