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Its been a hot minute since i posted on this blog… i have been posting sparingly on my youtube channel because so much is going on and its a struggle to keep my content going… but we are still here oh.

On my channel I have started a series where i review the experience of  buying Nigerian style brand products online and I have one review for the5kshop (here) and one review for Shopmaju (see here). This post is a review for Inghi which is a Nigerian owned clothing brand I spent about N19,000 naira on recently. This was supposed to be a video but i have runny nose and catarrh which makes recording a video impossible… so i decided to write about it instead of leaving it till i get better

without further ado… this is the outfit i got from inighi.com

pasley set inighi.com

before you ask if this is the only outfit i got for 19k…. let me give you the back story (caution: this is a long read… scroll to the end for a summary)

so i saw this inighi culottes  set on an instagram ad and decided to check out their web site since i am on a “buy nigerian clothes” campaign and since i like the culottes trend that is coming in fashion. It is a pretty neat website… simple and clean just the way i like it. I browsed through the different categories of clothes and found the culottes set i had seen on IG. I also saw a short set i liked and then went ahead to place the order for the 2 sets in my size 8…  this amounted to N15,500, including delivery.

the culottes set I ordered


I got the order about 6 days later and to my dismay… they were both too small (oh the woes of online shopping.)

I had been informed during confirmation call that I couldn’t return things gotten on sale and i got the shorts set on sale so i couldn’t return that ( gave it out) but the culottes wasn’t bought on sale so i could exchange it (they don’t give money back). I went back to the site and filled out a return ticket and was informed via email that i could only return the item via god is good courier service and that i was responsible for the fee of sending it back. I found that slightly irritating but i choose to send it back (better than being stuck with something i didn’t want). The email they sent also informed me that I had 3 days to return it… which wasn’t possible for me since i couldn’t leave work to go and find GIGcourier so I called the customer care line on the site and asked if i could send it on a weekend instead. The lady on the phone informed me that i had to send an email to another person she referred to as “her” (by whom I assume she was referring to the owner of Inighi).

“Please send her an email” was the customer services exact words

Anyway… I finally sent the email to orders@inigh.com and the “her” replied that I could send it back on a weekend so I did. After 4 days I sent a mail to confirm if they had received it… they had and I was asked to send a link to the outfit from their site that I wanted to exchange the culottes with. I got a measuring tape, measured my stats and used the size chart on their site to choose a new outfit. I chose an outfit which i was’t too thrilled about but had  the same price as my previous purchase and sent to them and  a ticket was raised which also informed me that i would pay another N1500 for delivery. At this point I thought to myself (and sent this thought to the customer service via email as well) that it was just painful to spend as much as i just did and still have to pay more. The “her” on the other end of the was very robotic, nonchalant and uncaring so i decided to pick something cheaper instead of spending an extra 1500 on the brand (tres Dramatic i know). I picked this parsley like print crop set which was on sale and still had a N450 balance to pay (which i had to live with paying).

I got the set about 4 days later, tried it on and sighed a sigh of relief as the zipper zipped to the end and the outfit fit. My long journey with this Inighi brand had finally ended!!!!

Here is a summary of my thoughts about the brand and some tips I would give based on this long journey i just narrated

  1. I like the final outfit I got. The fabric was nice and the tailoring was good
  2. The inigi.com website is beautifully done, the outfit pictures well taken, and payment was without issues.
  3. They have nice designs on their site but i would be careful and buy only ones with models because the structure of the outfit could be different when worn
  4. I saw a few other reviews on the site about pieces running small so please be aware of this while shopping. If you don’t have your stats i suggest you get it and look at the size chart on their pages before choosing your size
  5. Their return policy (if you are outside lagos) requires you to pay delivery to and fro for your returns… which is very painful.
  6. I think they need to improve their customer service a lot. The email replies I got just didnt seem to care and frankly if a brand doesn’t care about me i don’t care about the brand and i wouldn’t buy again. A good product with terrible customer service is like a fine girl with bad attitude. also there needs to be a sync between social media, phone and email handlers

out of 10 i’d give the brand a

5 for customer service…

8 for site design

7 for outfit designs

3 for returns

what are your thoughts? let me know in the comment section.

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