Hey Shining Stars…

Nothing says “look at me, I am beautiful” like a peacock in its element, proudly holding up everything that is beautiful about itself and dancing with them in your face. Sometimes, that’s the kind of attitude one needs when the world and its realities are trying to bring you down and I definitely need that kind of attitude right now.

I have had a very emotionally draining week, and the forces that be seem to be trying to make me feel anything but great… thankfully I have this peacock print Ankara dress to put me in the right mood to keep going strong this week.


When I wear this dress i feel all kinds of pretty, strong, resourceful, creative and proactive, not only because it is a good looking dress that gets me a lot of complements, but also because I designed and made it by myself  (shakes tail feathers at the forces that be)

So when you are having those days that you don’t feel good about yourself do like the peacock does… focus on your good sides, hold them high up proudly, and dance… Life is not that serious…. We are all beautiful and ugly… its the side we feed that comes out to play!


Ok, let me stop ranting and talk about the dress…

It was made (with love) with the classic Peacock Print Ankara fabric and a red organza shoulder band. I have had these fabrics for a while but have just around to making something out of it.  I really love this seasons bare shoulders trend (as i have mentioned before) so most of the dresses I make now will most likely have some sort of off-shoulder.





Let me know what you think of the dress…. and remember, when you start to feel down, like nothing is good in your life… just peacock it to the next day. Even if its one good thing you can remember about you, hold on to it proudly and love yourself for it!

Have a great week stars





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Not bad


thanks dear


Lovely dress. Lately it’s been all about the off-shoulders and cold-shoulders.
Really love the dress. And I totally get the ‘peacock’ attitude.



I know right! cold shoulder tops every where. i secretly hope they never go out of style because i prefer them to when showing cleavage was in vogue. Thanks hun. xoxo chiomajenni

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