Peacock It

Hey Shining Stars… Nothing says “look at me, I am beautiful” like a peacock in its element, proudly holding up everything that is beautiful about itself and dancing with them in your face. Sometimes, that’s the kind of attitude one needs when the world and its realities are trying to bring you down and I definitely need that kind … Continue Reading

Fashion Finds at the Arts and Craft village Abuja

Hey Shinning Stars, so I told you how eating at Madiba Antique Restaurant went in my last post here. What i didn’t tell you was that after that sumptuous meal we decided to burn off some calories by walking to the Arts and Craft market beside the restaurant  to look at hand made pieces for … Continue Reading

Where To Eat Abuja: Madiba Antique Restaurant

Hey Shinning Stars, so my Where-ToEat posts are back!! yey! I collaborated with TheStyleCheapskate on this one and we had fun checking out the Afrocentric Madiba Antique Restaurant located at the Arts and Craft Village close to Sheraton Abuja Madiba Antique is known for serving palm wine, freshly imported from my very own Enugu State, so that … Continue Reading

Good As Green

Hey shining stars, I had a great week last week. I got to meet the beautiful blogger TheStyleCheapskate and we had a fun time exploring the Arts and craft and drinking sweet palmwine… I will tell you guys about it as the week goes by But FIRST…check out what i wore. one thing i really … Continue Reading


Hey Shining Stars, So I have had this Ankara fabric for a while now and finally got around to making something with it last week. I don’t know the traditional name of the print (if it has traditional name) but i like to call it “Autumn” or “Fallen Leaves” because it reminds me of leaves, … Continue Reading

7 ways to keep yourself surrounded with uplifting people – According to Chioma

Hi Shining Stars, When it comes to being surrounded with people that uplift you, it’s easier said than done. It’s not like there is a market out there where you can go and buy such people is there? So I have put together a few things I have learnt over the past few years about surrounding … Continue Reading

Exploring Whispering Palms, Badagry Slave Museum Lagos

Hey Shining Stars, Last year, thanks to be people over at Jovago (now Jumia Travel) I got to visit Lagos as a tourist and do touristy things. Badagry was one of the places visited and we stayed at the Whispering Palms Resort. Whispering palms is one of the first resorts to be built in Nigeria. Located … Continue Reading


  Hey Shining Stars, If you are up for a weekend DIY project then this easy to make off shoulder top is the right project for you. Off shoulder tops are trendy right now and cost about from N3000 upwards. Depending on the fabric you buy, you can make this for less than N1000 naira… … Continue Reading

10 things you MUST do in your twenties – According to Chioma

Hey Shining Stars, Its officially 10 months till I make my way out of my twenties and I was doing some thinking about my life so far. I must say I have been through many phases in the past 9years 2 months and I really have to share with you some of the things that … Continue Reading

The Rise of the Isi Agu Print

So… One day i was busy minding my own business and stalking people on Instagram when i came across this picture that made me fall in love! (read full story after the cut) It was a picture of Noble Igwe (of 360nobs) in a simple but very significant tee shirt… The ISI-AGU print tee shirt!!  … Continue Reading