Hey Shining Stars,

If you are up for a weekend DIY project then this easy to make off shoulder top is the right project for you. Off shoulder tops are trendy right now and cost about from N3000 upwards. Depending on the fabric you buy, you can make this for less than N1000 naira… just follow the instructions below

1) What you’ll need

kilikili star ankara fabric

You’ll need your fabric. (I bought 1 yard of this kilikili star Ankara fabric), a pair of scissors, measuring tape, elastic and sewing machine (or thread and needle)

2) Take Measurements: measure around the top of your chest and your upper arm and add about 10 inches extra. Then measure down your arm and body to get how long you want your top and its arm to be. Add 2 inches to that for hemming allowance

kililkili star ankara fabric
cross section of cut fabric for body and arm of top

3) Sew the end together and hem top and bottom:

Fold the fabric the wrong side up (ie the back of the fabric) and sew them together

kilikili ankara fabric
hem the wrong sides together

Hem the top and bottom of the material (leave a small space at the top hemming so you can pass the elastic through

how to make kiliki star ankara off-shoulder top
hem edges
leave space on the top hem

Your fabric should look like this now


4) Insert elastic: now its time to insert elastic to the top of the fabric. Fasten an office pin to the top of the elastic


and pull it through the hole you left while hemming


when you are done with the body, follow the same steps for the arm fabrics

you should have these 3 pieces now


sew the arms to the side of the body fabric and, vuala!! you have your off shoulder top.


let me know if you attempt this and check out this video on my youtube channel where i try out different looks withe the top


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Hey Chi, great job, I just wanted to ask, so d bodice and arms r sewn and worn separately??


yes they are sewn separately and can be worn separately… but i attached mine

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