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Alexis Oladipo has been trending in the news ever since Uk Magazine, Daily Mail, posted the story of how the young Nigerian went from cleaning offices to now owning a brand called Gym Bites which is stocked by a lot of stores including the prestigious Selfridges.  It’s a really inspiring story and I want to share 5 key things I took home from her story

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Ok so here are a few things I noted from her story

1) Don’t doubt yourself: Even though Alexis was in a seemingly bad place in her life that didn’t stop her from trying to go for something she dreamed up. A lot of us make excuses about where we are and doubt ourselves before we our ideas have a chance to finish saying hello. Give that idea a chance today… don’t doubt yourself.


2) ‘Respeck’ the Process: Beyonce wasn’t built in a day and that’s the same with Gym Bites. Gym Bites is still in the process of becoming a well-known brand but I see it becoming big. They didn’t mention a time between the idea and 2013 when she actually started selling the products (I am guessing it took a while as she says she attended lots of trainings and workshops) but it took two years before the soft launch in 2015 and another 6 months before Selfridges approached her to stock her product.  If you have an idea you want to bring to life don’t be in a rush to see material gains instead take your time with it, serenade it, learn on the job, improve on the way up and enjoy the process.

3) Learn: I have to give learning a title of its own because I really think it is important to learn as much as you can about your idea. I usually just dive into it and learn on the way (which works for me) but Alexis joined the Princes Trust (a career and business development charity), attended seminars, workshops and events before she started her brand.

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4) Have the Passion: For you to be able take the time needed to court, serenade and nourish your ideas to life you have to have a passion for it. Alexis had always had a passion for cooking and recreating things she ate at fancy restaurants so that says something. I believe this is the only way to enjoy your work, if you enjoy and have a passion for what you do.

5) Get packaged: A lot of us don’t understand the importance of good branding for our products. People, like Alexis, who hire good branding agencies know why they do it. I doubt Selfridges would have wanted the products if it was poorly packaged. So when next you have a great idea that you are passionate about and that will solve a problem in your environment don’t rule out good branding for your product.


All in all, I am proud of the lady and inspired by her story. Hope you enjoyed my thoughts, hit the like button if you did and comment if you see something worth noting that I missed.

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Very valid points you culled from this lady’s story, Chioma. I had never heard of her before today. Now her name will stick.
Starting small always wins.


Yes o. We start small but keep our eyes on the prize. xx

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