5 ways to stay cheerful during tough times

Hello my lovely petals, Is it me or is everybody complaining? Buhari this, Buhari that, economy this, economy that. Even the people that are usually cheerful have started frowning a little too much. I admit that the financial times are hard, and it’s not like we don’t have our own personal everyday issues to deal … Continue Reading

7 ways to keep yourself surrounded with uplifting people – According to Chioma

Hi Shining Stars, When it comes to being surrounded with people that uplift you, it’s easier said than done. It’s not like there is a market out there where you can go and buy such people is there? So I have put together a few things I have learnt over the past few years about surrounding … Continue Reading

10 things you MUST do in your twenties – According to Chioma

Hey Shining Stars, Its officially 10 months till I make my way out of my twenties and I was doing some thinking about my life so far. I must say I have been through many phases in the past 9years 2 months and I really have to share with you some of the things that … Continue Reading

From Cleaner to Business Owner – Lessons Learned from Gym Bites Owner Alexis Oladipo

Hey Shining Stars, Alexis Oladipo has been trending in the news ever since Uk Magazine, Daily Mail, posted the story of how the young Nigerian went from cleaning offices to now owning a brand called Gym Bites which is stocked by a lot of stores including the prestigious Selfridges.  It’s a really inspiring story and … Continue Reading

Meet Nigeria’s first Olympic Rower – Chierika Ukogu

This sister is making me hella-proud! I stumbled on a tweet about this lovely 24year old girl doing Nigeria proud by rowing for her country and I just had to share. Chierka Ukogu, a medical research American-Nigerian based in Philadelphia, has made history by representing Nigeria in the Rio2016 Olympics games and being the first person … Continue Reading