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so I told you how eating at Madiba Antique Restaurant went in my last post here. What i didn’t tell you was that after that sumptuous meal we decided to burn off some calories by walking to the Arts and Craft market beside the restaurant  to look at hand made pieces for sale there. I was really amazed by some of the things I saw there but these are the ones I would buy sharp sharp, if i had the money

Top on my list, and something i would probably go back to get when i return to Abuja, is this brown crocodile skin bag.

croc-bag crocodile skin bag abuja arts and craft
Croc-skin bag

I have a thing for small bags and animal skins (even though i hope the animals were not poached just to make bags or other accessories with their skins) and this bag has an amazing croc detail right in the middle. Pricing starts at N5000 (which we thought was pricey) but i think i will def go back and get it.

Next we have these hand made leather neck pieces that i absolutely love!

leather-necklace arts and craft abuja
Leather neck piece
leather-necklace abuja arts and craft village
Leather neck piece

They are made with dyed leather and brass details and pricing started at N5ooo. For me it was a choice between these leather neck pieces and the croc skin bag and i decided to buy the leather neck piece because it was a more unique item in that market. I bought the fuchsia one

Oh and then there were these Fulani chokers

fulani chokers arts and craft village abuja
Fulani chokers

I bought one for myself and my sister. Pricing started and ended at N1000. Though it felt like her husband was ready to sell it cheaper, the lady seller showed me how they beaded it sting by string with hand and i felt N1000 was fair compensation for the effort required to make these.

We also saw snake skin bags

python skin bag
Python Skin Bag


Snake Skin Bag

these were really cute. Alma of TheStyleCheapSkate (who collaborated with me) really loved the dark brown snake skin bag and i will go back for it. pricing started at N5000

I also saw some home decors that i loved

Mother and child brass and wood sculpture


Beaded flower deco


Detailed Pot Deco that could be used as a jewelry pot

I thought these were really pretty (especially the jewelry pot) but didn’t get any because… money

Finally… we went to the clothes section and while there were many beautiful ready made Ankara and Dashiki clothings this one caught my eye

beaded Flying Horse ankara top
Beaded Flying Horse ankara top

This flying horse fabric is one of the ankara original prints and i love it. I am not sure about hoe the style of the top and i didn’t have strength to try it on. I cant remember what pricing started at but is beautiful.

It was a fun day (which i have been talking about since Monday) and there are so many different items there that i did not cover here….so if you ever find yourself in Abuja, visit the Art and craft village close to Sheraton and shop away. Also you can invite me to tag along 🙂

Alma and I shopping at Arts and Craft Village

which item on my list is your favorite?

have you bought anything from there before? Let me know

take care guys


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yey… thank you soo much. means a lot



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