Hey Shining Stars,

So I have had this Ankara fabric for a while now and finally got around to making something with it last week. I don’t know the traditional name of the print (if it has traditional name) but i like to call it “Autumn” or “Fallen Leaves” because it reminds me of leaves, disconnected from their tree, lying on grass and slowly withering away (yes… most times i see things this deeply)

green ankara dress5

I wanted to make a short dress but i had 6 yards of the fabric so i decided to make a pleated dress with chiffon sleeves.

I wore it to church last Sunday and someone complimented it(big grin) so i impromptu decided to go to the park and take pictures (lol…carpe diem things). I got to the park and noticed all the real disconnected leaves lying on the real grass withering or dead and I thought about how much nature inspires all aspects our lives including nature and …

… getting deep again…

OK i’ll stick to showing you the dress now.

green ankara dress2

green ankara dress3



green ankara dress

What do you guys think?


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