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Dont kill me for being so inconsistent with my posts… 2018 started with a whole lot of work related things happening and i haven’t been able to keep up with this blog. As you may know I am currently in Portharcourt (PHC) working on a World Bank IT project for Rivers State Govt. I am also taking my side design business more seriously this year and have had to put things in place to set it up better. So… I have been really busy chasing ‘ego’ but body no be wood abi? A few of my colleagues and I decided to blow off some work steam by going Paint balling at the new AlphaRange at the PHC Pleasure park.

We went on a Sunday and got there about 4:00pm. We couldn’t play till 7pm though because some other people had booked via phone and because the staff of the range are still learning to get organized (last bit is my personal opinion) . Anyway… we couldn’t play till 7 so we decided to walk around the park and see all it has to offer.

                                                                                             Pleasure Park PHC

Portharcourt Pleasure Park is a recreational themed park located on Aba road in PHC. Its barely a year old and attracts a lot of families and friends. There are various activities that one can do at the park including bull riding, paint ball, boat ride, virtual reality games, miniature golf, climbing… etc.

The park is designed to get you active while bonding with your friends and family and I love it. For a town that is filled with a lot of beer and fish parlors its a breath of fresh air.

It is still new so still very beautiful… and with the fees they charge for the park (N300 to park in, N500 to walk in and you still pay for the different activities) I believe they can maintain the current standards.


While waiting for our turn at the paintball range, we decided to climb the tall fixture (actually we just climbed up the stairs at the side… the fixture was too scary) and we could see a wonderful view of PHC and the Park

                                                                                               View from the Top
Pleasure park phc
                                                                                      Trying to catch the sun

We then decided to play the virtual game. I don’t know who tempted me to play a horror game but lets just say I almost broke their game out of fear.

                                                                                                 Virtual game

Eventually the Ball range was ready for us and they offered us fresh coconut drinks because of the wait (Or maybe because it was COCO Sunday… don’t know why they gave us coconut drinks)

                                                                                     Fresh coconut drinks

We ended up really having fun (and also really getting bruised from the paint balls but hey… thats why we were there)

It was a fun day at the park and if you are ever in PHC… after you eat Bole and Fish… find the park and do something fun with your people



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