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When it comes to being surrounded with people that uplift you, it’s easier said than done. It’s not like there is a market out there where you can go and buy such people is there? So I have put together a few things I have learnt over the past few years about surrounding yourself with the positivity you require to become the best person you can be and here they are


As with everything else in life, if you want to change your environment, you have to start by changing yourself therefore to improve the positive people in your life…

  1. Know exactly what ‘uplifting’ means to you: If you are making conscious efforts to change your life for the better then you definitely need to establish clearly where you are going in life and what characteristics you need from people to get there. If you are trying to be a happier person then you should be looking for people who are cheerful, kind and generous. This can sometimes be hard to do on our own… you can talk to a counselor or mentor, tell them exactly where you want to be and listen to what they say you need
  2. Learn to uplift yourself: Many people (including myself) are their own worst critics and no matter how much someone else tries to be good and encouraging to you, you’ll not grow if you believe you are not good enough. Learn to be confident and happy with yourself. At the end of the day you spend more time with yourself than anybody else so you need to develop an inner voice that uplifts you too. See yourself as a third person that says encouraging and uplifting things to you. You can do this by focusing on your strengths rather than your mistakes and by making positive affirmations till you begin to believe in yourself again.
  3. Be unto others what you want them to be to you: The best way to attract the kind of positive people you want in life is to give out those vibes you want. You want people around you to be encouraging and supportive? Be encouraging and supportive to the people around you. Be kind and generous, say kind words and learn how to give criticism nicely to attract such people to you


Now that you have yourself sorted (or, at least, you are aware of what you need to get yourself sorted) and have better love for yourself it’s time to make sure the people surrounding you are adding to your growth

  1. Review those you spend most of your time with: Ask yourself if the people you hang around with are on the same page with you. Are you guys hanging out in the right places? Do you talk about the right things? Make sure that the people you hang out with and the activities you do with them are ones that will ultimately improve your life.
  2. Have “THE” talk: Talk with people around you that give off the opposite characteristics of what you need to grow. In your own way – and as calmly as possible – try and let them know how the energy they put out affects you negatively. If you’re lucky, and they are understanding enough, they will make the necessary adjustments if not you might have to carry out no 6
  3. Release negative people from your life: Sometimes it would be necessary to cut certain people from your life totally, other times you might just need to reduce the mental space you give to them. Either way you need to eliminate people who bring negativity into your life… especially if you’ve talked with them and they’ve refused to improve. By reducing such people from your life you make space for the positive people.


  1. Reach Out: Once you have cleared your mental space and you are confident in who you are and what you want it makes it easier to be able to make good judgments about the people you let into your life. You are now ready to socialize and add new and uplifting people into your life. So go out, network, and be open to new people but only those that have the positive traits you want.

Hope this helped someone out there.

Do have a great and prosperous life


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