Hello my lovely petals,

Is it me or is everybody complaining? Buhari this, Buhari that, economy this, economy that. Even the people that are usually cheerful have started frowning a little too much. I admit that the financial times are hard, and it’s not like we don’t have our own personal everyday issues to deal with, but it’s important to not let situation of things steal the shine from our hearts. So I thought I’d do this post to share some of the things I do when everything around me seems to be falling apart and I need to stay cheerful and not fall apart with it. Hopefully, it would help someone out there.

1) Count blessings:

Nobody has it totally bad all the time so whenever I start to feel really really low I try to look for blessings in my life. I could start with the littlest things like being thankful for being able to drink water, or fart (have you ever had gas in your tummy that you can’t pass out? Good, so you know the torture of not being able to fart) then I build up from there and before you know it my sorrows are forgotten (even if it’s just for a moment)

2) Do unto others:

Sometimes when I feel bad I drink strawberry tea, other times I  look for someone to make happy. I would randomly send money to my sister or call a friend and let them rant away about their sorrows to me or sort my clothes out and give away the ones I don’t wear often. This helps me shift the focus from me for a while and putting smiles on people’s faces is liberating for the soul. Try it.

3) Take extra care of your physical appearance

I have only recently adopted this attitude towards dealing with tough times. In the past I could actually go out with the puffy face I just cried with, not caring how haggard I looked. But now? No way! It is when I am the saddest that I groom myself in 3d details. The process of grooming helps alleviate anxiety and seeing yourself looking good can help you feel better about yourself. So… next time you are having  bad day, spend a little extra time in the shower or visit a spa or iron all your clothing’s (including your knickers… lol)

4) Day Dream

This is the one I can win an award for. Day dreaming! Whenever reality tries to become too frigging hard I escape into my mind. I start seeing the places that I want to be and the things that I want to do. I start setting plans to reach them (sometimes they are unrealistic goals but it doesn’t matter) and in time I forget my sorrows and when I get back to reality I could actually start making real plans for them. Hope plays a huge role in keeping us sane during tough times and day dreams give us hope. So dream away my loves… in your mind nothing can stop you

5) Do something creative

This might not work for everyone but it is gold for me. Normally I’d write or sew or make paper flowers (anything really) but it helps a lot. Using my hands and trying to make something takes my mind off my worries and makes me feel accomplished when whatever I make is done. Try it next time you feel down and see how you feel.

So what do you do to stay cheerful when you are down? Share in the comment section so maybe we can start doing it too.

till next time, stay blooming my loves,



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Very timely and on point……


thanks dear, glad it helped

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